Shooting Competition Fund Raiser for SQ and Zoe

At the end of February 2016 we participated in a fun shooting competition put together by our friends at Critical Incident Tactics in St George, SC to support S.Q. Hayes.

S.Q. is an 11 year old boy with severe autism. S.Q. is extremely independent, and at times can be very mischievous. This is where Zoe comes in. Zoe is a full blooded German Shepherd from Georgia K-9. Zoe is being trained by Kelly and Jeff, who together have over 20 years experience training working dogs.

Zoe's job is to keep S.Q. safe. When S.Q. attempts to sneak away Zoe will be there to alert adults by barking and also follow S.Q. Zoe will be trained to re-direct S.Q. from busy highways that he may try to cross, and also track S.Q. if he were to get out of sight.

American Tactical Imports (ATI) came out to show their support by bringing some of their new AR Platform weapons (and ammo) including a full auto 9mm PDW (personal defense weapon) for everyone to check out and test fire.

Through a friendly shooting competition, raffles, and entry fees we we able to help raise over $3000 which doesn't completely cover the cost of training Zoe ($20,000) It sure does help and makes the future of one special boy just a little bit brighter.

Donate directly to their Go Fund Me account. 


                    Check out the highlights of the event below.


Raffle Winner

                   Raffle Winner


be sure to check out SQ and Zoe's Facebook page to keep up with their story.



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