How to build a Tactical Nerf Gun Wall


We recently posted a picture of a wall built for Nerf guns on our Instagram and Facebook pages which led to lots and lots of comments, messages and emails about where to get it, do we sell it, etc...  The answer is no. We don't sell it, and no Nerf doesn't sell it. So we decided we're going to show you how to make it and where to get the parts and pieces so you can make your own very cool tactical gun wall that screams NERF. 

You'll need to order the following parts.

(click on each link)

2 x Orange Peg Board Panels


3'' Ammo Tube


13'' Mag trays

4'' Plastic Hooks


Make some measurements from the ground or ceiling for a height and level reference. We measured 55'' from the ground and used that as a starting point for the bottom of our top panel.  Secure it with some 2'' drywall screws. You can then put the second panel under neither the top panel and screw it to the wall. Now you're ready to start adding guns and hooks. It's easier to lay out the guns first then add your " magazine trays" and  " Ammo tubes". Bam! Now you have yourself a really cool customize able organized  Tactical Nerf Wall for your kids room. 



  • Terran

    I was going to build this for myself bc Im 12 and a good builder and I am going to make my modded retaliator displayed there. I just need more guns

  • Mick McGuire

    *nerf not nerd.

  • Mick McGuire

    Building the wall mounts for the nerd guns is the easy part. The hard part is to get the perfect Arsenal. Now that’s what you need a video of.

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