"How much does the TBG Day Pack 2.0 hold?" We receive this question all the time. Don’t be fooled by its slim, compact design, because the short answer is A LOT.

In order to demonstrate just how much our Day Pack can hold we packed out our Day Pack 2.0 with the following:

(11-12) Diapers
(1) Sunscreen
(1) Baby bottle
(1) Poncho
(1) Pacifier
(LOTS) Snacks
(1) Burp cloth / small blanket
(1) Change of clothes
(1) Large wipes pack
(1) Small first-aid kit
(1) Cell phone
(1) Cell phone charger and cord
(1) Keys
(1) iPad Mini
(1) Sunglasses
(1) Sippy Cup
(1) Yeti Mug
(1) Changing Mat 

All Day Packs come with a removable 2.5L Hydration Bladder. Removing the bladder provides you with an additional full length pocket. The back panel also has a small pocket that's perfect for hiding smaller items.

A few notes when the time comes for your personal pack out:

    • Our pack out demo could’ve easily fit extra items like baby powder and lotion.
    • Free up even more space in your own bag by reducing the number of diapers.
    • Use the MOLLE webbing to attach carabineers, keys, kid toys, pacifiers etc.
    • Our modular design allows for easy expansion with accessories like the Wipe PouchBottle Pouch and Dump Pouch which can free up the main pocket.
We hope this helps! Leave us your comments and share your tricks on how you maximize usage and space in your Tactical Baby Gear Day Pack 2.0.

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