Tactical Baby Gear 2nd Tour of "Doodie"

What do you do with a traditional diaper bag once you're done using it? If you're most, you can't get rid of it fast enough. That's not the case with Tactical Baby Gear.

Tactical Baby Gear diaper bags and backpacks are designed specifically for the challenges parents face when taking care of newborns and toddlers. However, with our tactical is practical design philosophy, your Tactical Baby Gear is made to outlive the traditional diaper bag's tour of doodie.

When purchasing a Tactical Baby Gear bag you not only have one bad ass bag for diaper doodie, you'll have a kick ass bag well after you're done with stinky diapers. Here's just a few of the many ways you can use our products for a 2nd Tour of Doodie.

//Range bag
//Computer bag
//Tool bag
//Camera bag
//Rapid response bag
//Roadside bag

Are you using your Tactical Baby Gear differently in its afterlife? Tell us about it so we can share with other tacti-cool parents like yourself!

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