Baby’s First 12 Months: What Can You Expect? [VIDEO]


First-time parents have plenty of questions, and as always #AskTBG has answers.

During your baby’s first month of life, you’re going to ask a ton of question that you’d never even thought you’d need to ask.

What is the vaccination schedule like for newborn babies? How often will the doctor want to see my baby? What medicine can I give my baby in the first month for a fever? How high does a fever get before I notify my pediatrician? What should I be looking for after two weeks? Six weeks?

What about a baby’s height, weight and head circumference? Parents know that at every checkup you find out where your child lands in terms of a percentile, but what do those numbers mean? What about the soft spot? How long do you need to protect it?

There are a slew of issues a first-time parent will come across, from fevers to Mollescum, and even more questions. To help you out, #AskTBG returns to the office of Dr. Webb from South Coast Pediatrics, Richmond Hill for more expert guidance and answers. 

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