10th Annual CVMA Fisher house run | Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

April 13, 2017 1 min read

When: Saturday, May 20 at 9:30 AM - 9 PM EDT

Location: Harry Buffalo Westerville
6150 S Sunbury Rd, Westerville, Ohio 43081

Tickets: https://ohiocvma.org/fisherhouse.aspx

The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is in the process of putting together our “10th Annual CVMA Fisher house run” Chapter charity fundraiser hosted by Harry Buffalo in Westerville, OH.

Our goal is to raise awareness and money for the Dayton Fisher House foundation. Proceeds will be donated to the Dayton Fisher House from the run and the auction. We chose the Fisher House as our national organization’s primary charity because they are the only private charitable organization that is dedicated to providing housing and meals for the families of injured and sick active military, military families and veterans.

The Fisher House™ is "a home away from home" for families of patients receiving medical care at major military installations and VA medical centers. The homes are normally located within walking distance of the treatment facility or have transportation available. There are 52 Fisher Houses located in the United States, 1 in the UK, and 1 in Germany which allows families with a limited income to stay close to their loved ones while they are hospitalized within the military and VA medical system.

Our government provides for our sons and daughters medical needs while they are active duty, but as Americans, it is up to us to support our veterans and their families when and where they need it once they are no longer active duty.

Learn more about event: https://www.facebook.com/events/151907161968520/