Dirty diapers don’t faze you. Spit up isn’t a problem.

But a diaper bag that’s all frills and embroidered rubber ducks with no practical storage capability? Something so cheap it won’t survive potty training? Well, there you might have a problem.

Beav Brodie feels your pain. A committed girl dad, he was neck deep in pink and purple when he finally had enough. “I was picking the kids up from school, dropping them off, changing the diapers. So, I would have the diaper bag more often than not.” If he was going to carry this bag around all the time, Beav wanted something practical that matched his lifestyle and personality. “But there was just nothing out there.”

Inspired by a new generation of involved parents, especially fathers like himself, Beav founded Tactical Baby Gear® in 2013 to provide dads and moms with the tools necessary to meet the demands of parenting. Our bags are designed for durability and packing efficiency, complete with fasteners, MOLLE webbing, and carabiners, so you can load up with all the diapers, bottles, and accessories you need.

The responsibilities of parenting are relentless. From diapers to driving and first step to first job, you’re there to support, encourage, and guide all along the way. The journey is unpredictable but rewarding. With Tactical Baby Gear, you’re ready for the adventure from the start.

So, grab your gear and roll out to meet the day with confidence. You’ve got this.


Beav B. - Founder / CEO

Alex K. - COO

Brian S. - Director of Operations

Matt K. - Lead Customer Service

Will D. - Creative Director

Garrison B. - Graphic Designer

Jade C. - Media Coordinator

Cassie D. - Operations Coordinator

Matt V. - Content Producer
Emma F. - Marketing Project Manager
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