Central Florida Throwdown 5 | Veteran Suicide Prevention Project

August 16, 2017 2 min read

Veteran Suicide Prevention Project

Event: Central Florida Throwdown 5

When: September 16 – September 17

Where: 4175 Medulla Rd, Hngr A, Lakeland, Florida 33811

Central Florida Throw-down is proud to be partnering with the Veteran Suicide Prevention Project (@VSPProject) to raise awareness and money.

The event is the Central Florida Throwdown, this is a 5th year Crossfit competition being help Sept 16 & 17.  They are working with the Veteran Suicide Prevention Project, founded by this guy and there we be an "Oath taking" as part of our opening ceremonies where we will have our National Colors presented and a live singing of the the National Anthem; then we will proceed to blow stuff up to bring the mood back up for the start of the competition.  We'll have Military and our local SWAT out displaying some of their fun toys.

The VSP Project will be conducting an Oath Taking Ceremony at the opening of our the event; a large percentage of our competitors and supporters are active or retired military and we are asking you all to rally around this cause.

Central Florida Throw-down 5

What is the Oath taking? 

The Veteran Suicide Prevention Project gathers names of Veterans who have lost their battle to suicide. 

"We gather the names of our Brothers and Sisters, and print them onto dog tags. Those dog tags are then given to other Veterans at events throughout the United States. Those that carry the dog tag have taken an oath that states they will carry on their lives, because their brother and sister have already paid that price. This dog tag, this project, not only gives that Veteran another reason to push through their battles, but also lives on with the spirit of the deceased Veteran. This is an oath, an oath to you, an oath to me. This project saves lives!"

Anyone can submit a name to a have dog tag created in the honor of a veteran fallen to suicide so that their spirit and legacy may continue to march on throughout the Veteran community.

Please go to the Veteran Suicide Prevention Project page for more details, to submit a veteran's name or to request becoming an Oath taker at this ceremony.