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February 16, 2017 1 min read

Shot Show 2017 Green Beret Foundation
Beav with Frances from Green Beret Foundation during Shot Show 2017

@GreenBeretFoundation: "When USSOCOM Care Coalition notifies us about an injured Green Beret, we immediately issue a $1,000 check to the Green Beret and send it with a GORUCK GR1 filled with GBF gear to help make the hospital stay a little more comfortable. The $1,000 check helps to offset the unexpected expenses that add up in a situation like this. Shout out to Tactical Baby Gear for their recent donation of their bears that we now include for Green Berets who have children." #SpecialForces #GreenBeret #GORUCK

Green Beret Foundation

What is the Green Beret Foundation?
Green Beret Foundation is a 501(c)3 that provides financial resources for various health and welfare programs that assist the wounded, ill or injured Special Forces warrior where other organizations cannot or will not assist. We also provide family assistance and care for those families affected by their loved one's death, illness, or injury due to their service.

GBF works in conjunction with the USSOCOM Care Coalition to ensure our casualties and their families' needs are met with the upmost care and attention. For more information on the USSOCOM Care Coalition, please visit their website:

The Green Beret Foundation and the Special Forces Association work together closely in order to provide the greatest level of support and commitment to the Special Forces Community and its brotherhood.
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