NALES - Blue Line Kids HALOS (BLK HALOS) program

April 04, 2017 2 min read

Tactical Baby Gear® is honored and humbled to be part of NALES, the National Alliance For Law Enforcement Support. 

TBG has partnered with NALES to provide support through their Blue Line Kids HALOS (BLK HALOS) program. The Blue Line Kids HALOS (BLK HALOS) program is dedicated to providing a quilt of comfort to the children of officers who have fallen in the line of duty. A beautiful handmade quilt is sent to the department of the fallen officer along with a heartfelt letter, to be distributed to the officer’s family.

We will be adding a Tactical Teddy to each package sent to the child of a officer killed in the line of duty.



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From all of us at Tactical Baby Gear, we are humbled by the selfless acts first responders perform to keep us all safe. God bless them and their families.

*Video by Youtuber AmericaGoingBlue

Mission Statement

NALES is dedicated to providing resources and emotional support to law enforcement families, and serving as a positive voice for law enforcement in the community.

Who We Are

We are an all-volunteer national non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status. Our membership is made up of our Board of Directors, Staff, Auxiliary Committee members, online forums’ members, and volunteers from throughout the United States, and the world.

Our programs are 100% funded through grants, special fundraisers, and donations from our supporters and partners. The majority of our funding goes directly back into programs that enrich and improve the lives of the law enforcement families we support.

Our History

As the wife of a police sergeant in Southern California, Rose Winick found herself in need of advice and support she could only get from other police wives. She decided to form her own support system by starting an online support forum in 2006. That forum quickly grew to over 200 members from across the nation, Canada, England, and Australia.

Over the years, NALES received numerous requests for financial support and other resources from police families and law enforcement agencies. Rose and her all-volunteer staff were called into action and NALES became a non-profit in 2007, dedicated to helping police families across the country.

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