Five Gift Ideas Under $35 for a New Dad

October 23, 2020 2 min read

Struggling With What to Get Dad for Christmas?

Struggling With What to Get Dad
for Christmas?

Don’t we all. But never fear, we’ve got an assortment of stocking stuffers and under-the-tree worthy gifts for the dad of young children in your life. And hey, if that describes you, no shame getting yourself something for the holiday!

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Don’t let hunger derail your family’s next adventure. Strap the cooler pouch to your tactical diaper bag to keep your favorites cool all day long. With a thick thermal lining, the tactical cooler pouch is a match for the hottest days.

Man wearing black fanny pack with name tape reading #DADLIFE on it

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Every seasoned parent knows organization is the key. When you need a clean set of clothes or diapers, you need them stat. The Tactical Packing Cubes are the most underrated tool to keep your diaper bag in order.

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Kids will touch and pick up just about anything. From an interesting bit of trash to rocks and bugs, there’s not much that won’t be grabbed and played with at some point. So, before you hand them a snack, sanitize in a second with the Germ Grenade.

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You never know when a full diaper will strike, but that doesn’t mean Dad can’t be prepared. With the 'Drop Zone' Tactical Changing Mat®, Dad can quickly grab a durable 600D mat and have a ready-to-rock changing station whenever and wherever duty calls.

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With a paracord clip holder, you can clip the Pacifier Cord to your child’s shirt so even if falls out of their mouth, it won’t hit the ground. When the pacifier isn’t in use, clip it to your bag and quickly retrieve it when needed.

But the best part is, the MOD system grows with your family.

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