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January 24, 2023 7 min read

The days of strollers being a single, foregone conclusion that gets a child from one point to another are over. Parents recognize the need for safety, comfort, and durability more than they ever have before. While our parents may have struggled on the beach with a flimsy plastic stroller whenever they went out in nature, today’s parents have other options. Why go with something less than a stroller wagon?

A stroller wagon provides the best of all possible designs. It has the functionality of a traditional stroller with the accessibility of an all-terrain stroller. What's even better is that it can fit more than one kid and all the stuff you need to bring with you.

We're not trying to sell you on the benefits of a stroller wagon - we already believe it's a fantastic choice for parents who love sharing nature with their kids. Instead, we want to show you why the Veer stroller wagon is the best stroller wagon on the market today.

Why are stroller wagon good?

Stroller wagons have a design that allows them to tackle any kind of off-road terrain you throw at them. From the beach to rocky, hilly mountain terrain and even ice and snow, a stroller wagon can take your child into the great outdoors. Additionally, stroller wagons are designed with the comfort of your child in mind, with lots of room to stretch out and a frame design that helps to absorb bumps.


The tires of a stroller wagon are big and chunky like those of a jogging stroller, but they're not susceptible to being punctured the way a jogging stroller's tires are. Some may be solid-state rubber while others are incredibly durable air-filled tires. Either way, they can handle the most difficult terrain while cushioning the impact of that terrain as you move across it.

Additionally, stroller wagon tires can pivot and move in any direction to handle changes in elevation or terrain quickly and easily. They come with active manual brakes so that you can also handle abrupt changes in terrain or elevation.


Where other strollers are made of plastic or resin, stroller wagons are made of more durable material, often metal or carbon fiber. This makes them more resilient and better for the bumpy trips with Dad your kids will be taking.


A stroller wagon is like a regular wagon in terms of space, allowing for seating of up to two children in most cases. It also has a tremendous amount of storage space for all the things that your little ones require.

Additionally, many stroller wagons have add-ons that provide even more space like hanging baskets or netting for underneath. They're designed to be the Escalades of the childhood stroller experience.


Stroller wagons are by far the most durable stroller that you can get for your children. In addition to the typical stroller safety features like latching for car seats and harnesses, the stroller wagon is designed for safety. With high walls and actual belted seats, it's almost like riding in a car for your child. Additionally, stroller wagons come with netting and shading to protect your children from the weather and sun.

Essentially, do you remember riding in a Radio Flyer as a kid? Stroller wagons are the exact opposite of that in every way - no more teeth-jarring bumps or kicking your sister in the shin because you're both sitting on the same flat surface. Safety and comfort are prioritized and translate directly to the enhanced experience of both the child and the driver.

What makes the Tactical Baby Gear® Veer All-Terrain Cruiser the best stroller wagon?

We've been involved with the Tactical Baby Gear® Veer All-Terrain Cruiser for a long time. TBG started out with the intention of being involved in a fantastic product for you and your children. We think collaborating with Veer, we have perfected it. We don’t simply produce stroller wagons, we've also been testing to find out what works best and then applying the information we gathered.

Our goal is to not just sell a product for people to buy, but to be involved in a paragon product - one that other companies look to as a point of comparison. We want your stroller experience to be the best that it can be in terms of safety, comfort, and overall ease of use.

Because of this passion, we choose to work with Veer, who hands-down crafts the best stroller wagon on the market. We have put our heart and soul into every aspect and this is why we stand completely behind our statement.


The Tactical Baby Gear® Veer All-Terrain Cruiser is designed from the ground up to be as durable and as safe as possible. We use a robotically-welded, aircraft-grade, matte black, aluminum frame which is both lightweight and highly durable. This is for two main reasons: to protect your most precious cargo, and to make the stroller wagon light and easy to store.

The sidewalls are made with MOLLE webbing and tactical polyester for the utmost in durability and long-lasting use. In fact, this wagon was designed to be TSA-approved, so you can even get through busy airports with it.

Every aspect of convenience and safety has been meticulously considered. It very quickly and easily folds up and can be stored flat or standing up on its base. You can also remove the wheels with our quick latch feature and fold down the sides if the space is tight. The foot tray even folds up when not in use to maximize space efficiency.

The two seats inside are ventilated for those sunny warm hikes through the forest and each seat supports up to 55 lb. And because we know that those hikes can get messy and muddy, the entire stroller wagon can just be hosed down for a quick, simple clean.

Remember what we said before - this wagon was designed to be the safest, most comfortable, and most convenient stroller wagon that has ever existed.


The interior walls of the wagon have six pouches to carry everything your child has to bring with them. The exterior walls have additional pouches for things like baby wipes or stuff that you might want to bring along, and there are Velcro strips if you can think of something else you'd like to add. We've also designed the stroller wagon with multiple add-ons in mind so it can carry even more than it does in the standard form.

As we said before, it folds up quickly and easily for storage and, with a quick hose down, is clean and ready to go for the next outing. We've made the handle of the wagon such that you can lock it in place to pull it or unlock it to push it. As we understand, different terrain requires different approaches.

There is a snack tray that snaps across the child seats and adult cup holders for the handle so that you're never without a drink for the road.


The most important aspect of any stroller design is safety, because what's the point of using one if you can't get your kids in one piece to the final destination? We looked at everything that makes a stroller safe, and are excited to be partnered with Veer on this!.

There is an easy-to-access foot brake at the front that prevents the stroller from moving down on an incline. Additionally, the tires are solid, and they're oversized to both handle any terrain and ensure that they never pop; these tires will be with you for the life of the stroller.

You can safely use the wagon with a car seat for infants and babies, and there are three-point harnesses for older children. The walls of the stroller are high to prevent children from spilling out and the canopies will protect them from the elements.

Everything else

While the base model comes with everything you need for a comfortable, safe ride, we recognize that not everyone needs all the bells and whistles that could come with a stroller like this. Because of that, several additional products including foldable canopies, a nap system, and a rear basket for more storage. Not every parent would benefit from these things, so you can add as many or as few as you'd like, but we developed them with an understanding that there is a need for these things in a stroller wagon.

Why these differences matter

We could sell you a plastic stroller wagon like dozens on the market, or even a basic aluminum-framed one that would be safe. However, we use high-grade, robotically-welded aluminum because we feel that this is the safest and most structurally sound choice.

Likewise, the polyester and MOLLE webbing that we use in the panels is ideal in terms of comfort and durability. Like we said prior, we're not just designing any product to sell, our goal is to create the best stroller wagon for every family that buys it.

The tires are designed the way they are so that you don't have to worry about replacing them or that they would fail you while you're out on an adventure. The wagon has been thoughtfully designed to be the best it can be because we want you and your children to enjoy every moment of the walks that you take together no matter the terrain . We added all the storage because we’re dads ourselves and we realize that kids just have a lot of stuff.

Finally, we differentiated the add-ons from the base model because we recognize not everyone needs all the extras, but they're there for those who do. We took every single aspect that makes a stroller wagon great, and we brought it to the best possible outcome with Veer.

In the end, the TBG + Veer Collaboration has created the best possible stroller wagon on the market today, and we stand behind that designation. We are confident that this will be the first and only stroller wagon that your family ever buys because it fills all of your needs perfectly.

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