Dealing with Other People's Kids - TBG PODCAST EP 013

July 30, 2019 1 min read

TBG podcast episode 013


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Its was a long, busy weekend for Beav. He and Alex started on Friday by taking friends out on the boat, including Dan from Combat Flags, then it was straight into birthday weekend mode for Beav’s oldest daughter. Having to look after 5 little girls all weekend started an interesting conversation about managing other people’s kids. When do you step in if they start being punks, how do you go about it, and what will their parents say? It can be a tricky situation especially in modern times.

The other part of Beav’s weekend was spent servicing his cars and making sure everything was ready for a upcoming road trip. If you saw it in Instagram stories( @tacticalbabygear ), he asked for you guys to send in car related questions. Beav’s background is automotive service. As part of the the revamped #ASKTBG series, he will be able to chime in with his 15 years of experience to make sure you guys are staying safe and not getting taken advantage of.

Then the big question! Will Beav have another kid? On the upcoming road trip, he will be outnumbered by girls.(again..) So maybe number 3 will be a boy…, thats how it works right?
Will he crack under the pressure and give in, or stick to his guns, find out by listening till the end.

All of this and more, on Episode 13 of the Tactical Baby Gear® Podcast.


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