There's Life and There's Death - TBG PODCAST EP 029

December 13, 2019 2 min read

tbg podcast episode 29


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Welcome to the new studio! We suggest you watch this one on YouTube to check out the new digs. If you are just listening, it should sound the same. (or hopefully better!)

If you saw (or listened) to the podcast episode with The Wife Spot, you will notice that Alex wasn’t in that one. While we were out in Utah, he got a frantic phone call from his wife while we were at breakfast. Before his food was even brought to the table, he has Beav drive him to the airport to get home just a few hours later.

The reason for the phone call comes out in this episode, and we promise you will want to hear this! Emotional highs and lows are intertwined through this story, but it ends on the best of feels.

On Instagram stories (@TacticalBabyGear), you may have seen Beav talking about an incident involving a kid at the end of the Christmas parade here in Bluffton. Unfortunately, the child didn’t survive his injuries after falling off the float in the school parking lot.

This really hits home with Beav since his kids attend the same school and his daughter is the same age as the kid that was killed over the weekend. Real Dad emotions come out as the realization that one of their kids could just as easily been in that situation, and how fast things like this can happen.

Kids make you soft, period! Remember that there are problems, and there are inconveniences, and most things really aren’t such a big deal. Now go give your kids a hug.

All of this and a ton more in this episode of the TacticalBabyGear® Podcast.

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