First 5 weeks with a newborn. Brandy and Baby Hannah - TBG PODCAST EP067

July 07, 2021 1 min read

Podcast episode 67


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Baby Hannah’s first appearance on the podcast, and she sat through it like a champ! Brandy and Beav discuss the first 5 weeks with a newborn, adapting schedules, figuring out what Hannah likes and especially what she doesn’t like, sound machines, swaddles, night lights, pacifiers, you name it….

Also, they get into how the older sisters are reacting to the new baby, and how that has changed Beav and Brandy’s day to day interactions with all 3. The older girls are definitely Daddy’s Girls. Do you think Hannah will follow the trend? Beav has a pretty solid opinion.

Does a baby with more hair cause mom heart burn? Could be an old wives tale, but hear what Brandy has to say now that Hannah was born with a thick set of locks.

p.s. is "love" a tennis term??

All of this and a ton more on this episode of the Tactical Baby Gear® Podcast.

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