Poop knife, a broken arm and a camping trip - TBG Podcast EP 063

May 04, 2021 1 min read

tbg ep063


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On the number one rated podcast (according to us) detective Beav is on the case after he finds a piece of paper with certain bad works written on it on the kitchen floor. Alex has his own battles at home with “potty” words as they try to potty train the boys in-between Sweet Home Alabama jam sessions…..yeah.

On a more serious note, a little one has a trip to the ER Saturday night after an accident jumping off the couch. A lot of great points as the guys talk thru the mindset of dealing with an emergency at night with a child.

We end on a high note with some pretty interesting stories from Beav’s camping trip with 9 people and a 7 month pregnant wife. Raccoon invasions, bored kids, and car alarms made for a trip they won’t soon forget.

All of this and a ton more on the Tactical Baby Gear® Podcast.

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