The Weekly Dump | Ep. 014

May 28, 2017 1 min read

Back from a brief hiatus, The Weekly Dump sees Beav knee-deep in the hustle, checking on the vehicle wrap on the Tactical Baby Gear truck, meeting with suppliers and customers, and working to dispel rumors about killer clowns.

In addition to some of the sickest snowboarding apparel in the world, Fuel Clothing Co., also makes TBG’s “Dad Life” socks. Beav stops by to check out the operation, grab some pizza and hear all about Fuel’s Sock Karma program. For every pair of socks you buy, Fuel will donate one to the homeless. We think that’s pretty awesome, so make sure you check out the link in the video and help out a great cause.

At TBG we’re all about our customers, so when one of them said he’d be in the area and wanted a tour, how could we say no? Join valued customer Ethan on a tour through the shop and a conversation on fatherhood.

Then, inspired by Ethan’s thoughts on work-life balance, Beav takes off early to spend time with his daughter Cameron. Quality time sees them tromping through the woods, Beav trying to convince his daughter that, despite playground rumors, there are no invisible killer clowns in the woods (we hope).

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