The Weekly Dump | KeyBar and NineLine Apparel Ep. 010

May 03, 2017 1 min read

Beav’s headed down to Savannah to talk with Mike Taylor from Key Bar in advance of the Epic Baby Shower he’s been planning. Of course, the boys have to talk shop, giving Mike a chance to show off the BabyBar (every toy your baby wants, right on one tool) and quick draw revolving pen holder (check the link for the Kickstarter). It also gives Beav a chance to show off the new Daypack 3.0.

But it’s not all business. With Mike’s first baby just days away, Beav fills him in on what to expect what your partner is being induced. If you’re getting ready to have your first baby, you no doubt have a ton of questions. You’ll find most of your answers here.

 After that it’s on to NineLine Apparel, a clothing line based out of Savannah founded, owned and run by veterans. After looking around and talking shop with the folks at Nine Line, Beav picks up some onesies perfect for the baby shower.

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