The Weekly Dump | New Product Ep. 007

April 16, 2017 1 min read

This week, Beav rolls out your first look at the huge new product Tactical Baby Gear® is rolling out, but first a little fun.

And yes, fun in this case once again means an epic NERF battle throughout the workshop.

But once the orange dust has cleared, it’s back to work with Beav getting glamour shots of the new product hitting the TBG website: the Daypack 3.0. You can check out the full specs online, but this thing’s a game changer, with new tactical capabilities and more of everything that made the Daypack 2.0 great.

Then be sure to watch all the way to the end for details on a new contest we’re setting up. If you’re an artist, we want your help creating some printable coloring pages (and we’re willing to part with some sweet gear for your service). Check out the video for details.

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