The Weekly Dump | Three is the New Two Ep. 005

April 10, 2017 1 min read

Before this week’s episode begins, you’ll get to see what the boys at Tactical Baby Gear do during downtime. If you guessed that it involved NERF Guns, claim your prize.

Speaking of prizes, Beav starts out this episode opening a mystery envelope from Safari Land stuffed with gift certificates. He’s spreading the love and getting ready to give one away, so keep your eyes posted on social media.

After that, it’s over to a meeting with Rachel K. Wisnefski with Beaufort Country Friends of NRA to discuss ways to involve TBG in the cause. In between planning for the organization’s Nov. 10 annual event, the two talk parenting. Which is when Beav drops the knowledge that “really terrible three” is the new “terrible two.”

“I don’t even know how to prepare parents for that,” he jokes.

After that it’s off to the playground, where it turns out monkey bars are crazy hard to do as an adult. Even so, as Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell says, “Play with your kids – don’t watch them play.”

And if you want to see Tactical Baby Gear in action, check out how handy the dump pouch turns out to be when the ice cream truck shows up. The wet naps are flying in episode five.

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