Baby Registry

The days of being forced to have your baby registry at a big retail store, like Target, Walmart, or the good old days of Babies "R" Us, are finally behind us. Modern day internet based businesses, like Tactical Baby Gear® aren’t in most of these big box stores, which used to make filling out your registry with gifts you actually want a challenge, but now we have universal registries.

With online, Universal Baby Registries, like and, any item you find on the internet is now able to be added to your personal registry, whether its for a baby shower, wedding, or other gift giving occasion. This lets you add exactly what you want, regardless of the brand or store it's in. Even Amazon now has a universal registry, that should tell you how useful they are.  

All you have to do is sign up, answer a few questions about your registry, then you are able to add a button to your bookmarks. Any product on any website can now be added when you are on the product page. Just click the Add to List button, and it saves it for you. Both BabyList and MyRegistry also have mobile apps, loaded with features to make creating your registry super easy.