MOLLE Accessory Attachment Instructions

Correct Way MolleMOLLE Correct Way

To properly attach MOLLE pouch:

1. Choose desired attachment point on diaper bag or backpack.

2. Align horizontal webbing of both pouch and bag. Stagger horizontal alignment.

3. Insert pouch attachment strap behinds bag's loophole. Alternate back to weave behind webbing on pouch.

4. Continue weaving, alternating between pouch webbing and bag webbing until pouch is secured along its entire length.

5. Secure snap closure upon completion.

This system is secure and stable when accurately attached.

 Wrong Way MOLLE

MOLLE Wrong Way

Do not simply place pouch attaching strap through bag webbing without alternating, interlocking weave. Pouches will not be secured to bag if attached in this manner.

If you have any additional questions about attaching your MOLLE acccessories to your Tactical Baby Gear please do not hesitate to contact us.

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