I get asked a lot, "Can your TBG bags handle twins?" - short answer is YES.

I'm a proud father of identical twin boys that at the time of writing this are 3 months old. But I've found that serving double 'doodie' does not mean I need two of everything in my diaper bag. That's just more stuff to carry and you already have your hands full.

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For my everyday carry, I prefer the TBG Combo Set with added Wipe Pouch accessory. On the weekends or if I want to change it up, I'll use a DayPack 2.0 with Changing Mat and Wipe + Dump pouch accessories attached.

In my (limited) experience, one TBG bag holds more than enough for a day out with the twins. If you use the 10+ diapers and 2-3 extra onesies that fit in your bag along with everything else (wipes, butt cream, etc.), your day has gone to crap anyway and you need to GO HOME! And if you are gone longer than a full day you're probably (well, you should) be bringing an overnight bag with extra gear for your little ones...my two cents.

Check out our blog post and video on how much stuff the TBG bags hold - Deuce 2.0 & DayPack 2.0.

While Tactical Baby Gear sells the tools and gear for tactical parenting, we are also here to help. Email us at support@tacticalbabygear.com or on social media use hashtag #asktbg and we'll do our best to provide you with advice that has / does work for us.

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