A Peek Inside a Dad's Diaper Bag

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A mom’s purse is a treasure trove of various odds and ends. Need some gum? A hair tie? Surgical gloves? Coupons that expired in 2013? You’ll find them in mom’s purse.

A dad’s diaper bag, on the other hand, is a masterclass in spartan utility. Exactly what is needed to get the job done. Nothing more, nothing less. We’re big fans of utility here at Tactical Baby Gear, so we’ve compiled the following list letting you know exactly what you need to accomplish the mission of fatherhood.
A Peek Inside a Dad's Diaper Bag TBG BLOG
Tactical Changing Mat
It’s a must-have, and we’re proud to produce the very best. Our Tactical Changing Mat keeps your baby’s backside clean no matter where you have to make a quick change. Don’t go anywhere without it.

Clean bottles and refills of formula
Don’t let hunger ruin your day out with baby. You know your baby’s feeding schedule better than us, but plan on bringing a couple of bottles if you’re going to be out for more than three hours. Need to keep them cool? the TBG Tactical Cooler Pouch has you covered.
Obviously you can’t really call it a diaper bag without these. Plan on bringing two for every hour that you plan on being away. Then grab two more. Trust us, it’s much better to have them and not need them than it is to need them and not have them.

Travel pack of wipes
Not just for cleaning up the old diaper area; you’re going to be reaching for these things non-stop if you’re out and about with the kid. Whether you’re cleaning your baby’s face after they grab a mouthful of dirt or wiping up the messy trail they leave behind, keep these close at hand.

Need a practical place to put them? Our wipes pouch is a great option

Tactical Dump Pouch
It never fails – it’s only when you’re as far as humanly possible from a trash can that the baby unloads into its diaper. Stash that fouled diaper, along with whatever dirty clothes and snack wrappers that come with a day out, inside your Tactical Dump Pouch and keep your gear clean until you get home.
A Peek Inside a Dad's Diaper Bag dump pouch tbg blog 
Diaper rash cream
Especially if you’re taking the baby out during a hot summer day, you’ll want to fight off diaper rash while you’re out in the field. Whatever you use at home, you should be able to find a travel-sized version to stash in your diaper bag.
Burp cloths
You’re going to be out and about with baby, which means you don’t want to face the world with a crusty shoulder. Throw a few burp cloths in your bag and protect your shirt from awkward spit-up stains.
Hand sanitizer
The world is a messy place, and for some reason your kid just has to touch all of it. Keep their fingers fresh with liberal application of sanitizer. Check the travel section of the drug store for clip-on bottles that hang from a carabiner for easy access.
Change of clothes
The general rule of thumb is two complete outfits for any day out with your baby. If you’ve got the room, though, go for three. You can always put it back in the dresser when you get home, and it beats having your kid go bare naked through Target. Also, pack a wide-brimmed hat to help protect your baby from the sun.
In the car or in the stroller, you never know when nap time will strike. Make sure you can keep your baby nice and comfy.
Sometimes, even a day out with daddy isn’t enough to keep a kid entertained. Bring along a few rattles, stuffed animals (tactical teddy is a fan favorite) or board books to give your baby something to chew on when they’re getting fussy.

A Peek Inside a Dad's Diaper Bag changing mat tbg blog


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