Yeah, That Was Us in The New York Times

June 17, 2019 2 min read

Here at Tactical Baby Gear, we really only look at the big moments in terms of the dads who enjoy our product. When we showed up on The Late Show, it was exciting, but nowhere near as exciting as the email we got from a first-time dad sharing his excitement for fatherhood and the chance to try out his new TBG bag. It’s gratifying to get attention in national media, but it’s not why we do this.

Just the same, we were excited to see a few words from founder Beav Brodie in a recent piece by the New York Times.  Looking at the rise in “Dad Brands,” the story starts off with TBG and how Beav founded the company after finding no options for the “guy’s guy” – just a sea of frilly purple bags. His creations, according to the story, came at the start of a wave of brands gearing baby gear towards dads.

The article states, “The rise of dad brands represents a demographic shift. Today’s fathers are likely much more hands-on than their own were,” and we couldn’t agree more. Leaving aside how grateful we are to be recognized, we couldn’t agree more with the main point of the New York Times story: it’s cool to be a dad. Raising kids, getting in the trenches and changing diapers, isn’t just the mom’s job anymore. We’re proud to be among the flagship brands who are spreading that message.  

As Beav put it in the NYT piece, ““Dads that may not have been quite as involved before are suddenly doing it with a different level of enthusiasm: ‘OK, I’ll take the baby to the park. I’ll carry the diaper bag.’”

Click HERE to check out the whole story.

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