Which Baby Wipes Are Best?

December 12, 2016 1 min read

In the latest #AskTBG video, the boys put baby wipes to the test to determine which one is tactical strong.

Check out the video below to see the answers to all of your baby wipes questions.

It could be the question Tactical Baby Gear customers ask the most: Which Baby Wipes Are Best?

It’s not an easy one to answer. Huggies? Pampers? Organic? Scented? Just looking at the mountain of options in the diaper aisle is enough to make your head spin. Then the questions start: Which baby wipes offer the most bang for your buck? Which baby wipes hold up the best? Which ones fit in the Tactical Baby Gear wipes pouch?

Well you have questions, and as always the guys at #AskTBG have answers. In this latest installment of #AskTBG, Beav and Alex put six brands of wipes to the test: Target’s Up & Up wipes, Huggies Natural Care, Pampers Baby Fresh, Seventh Generation, WaterWipes and Pampers Sensitive.

Each brand of baby wipes is submitted to a battery of tests: Which baby wipes hold the most moisture? Which baby wipes can survive the “poke test”? Which baby wipes offer the most value?

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