Best Diaper Bag For Active Parents

August 06, 2021 6 min read

Active parents like you love taking their babies with them on their latest and greatest adventures. The best diaper bag for busy parents combines an attractive style, with strong materials, and an adaptability to whatever life throws your way. The Deuce 3.0 Tactical Diaper Bag is the best option for active parents who want to keep their babies close at all times. Here are a few reasons why.

Traits to Look for in an Active Diaper Bag

What exactly did we look for when choosing the best diaper bag for active parents from our line? We examined four different traits and weighed each of our bags accordingly. These traits are:

  • Attractive Style - Let's face it: you want to look great at all times, and a great diaper bag includes a sleek and appealing style that fits well with your lifestyle. While not the most essential trait, feeling good carrying your diaper bag will make parenting even more fun.
  • Comfortable Design - The best diaper bags feel comfortable to wear for extended periods and don't cause strain on your shoulder or neck. They include various straps that make adjusting their fit simple and easy, even when on the go.
  • Adaptable to Life's Situation - Active parents may run into many unique life complications on their journeys. A great diaper bag like the Deuce 3.0 needs to have multiple pouches and other amenities that make taking care of your baby easy no matter where life takes you.
  • Tough and Durable Material - Busy parents like you need a bag that will last through your baby's diaper phase and also work well for older children. The best diaper bags use strong and water-resistant material that will keep your diapers dry and safe when climbing mountains or exploring the wilderness.

The Deuce 3.0 has all of these traits and many more, which makes it the perfect option for active parents like you. It also includes a combo package with even more goodies that will make raising your baby on the go even more enjoyable and engaging!

Why the Deuce 3.0 is the Best Diaper Bag for Active Parents

Let's examine a few features that make this diaper bag the best option for active parents. Then, we'll highlight multiple elements that make it stand out, including “must-have” items and “luxury” extras that we included to make this bag a better option for you. Each bag is custom designed to provide the adaptable and high-quality diaper bag you want and deserve as an active parent.

Multiple External Pockets

The Deuce 3.0 includes a very organized design that integrates many pockets for easier storage and hauling. Each of these pockets has a different purpose and use, which helps make organizing your gear easier. Note that these are just the external pockets! The bag's interior also includes multiple large and small pockets with removable pocket dividers and MOLLE webbing.

Cooler Pocket

The thermal-lined external pocket will keep your foods, drinks, and formula cool when you're on the go with your baby. This pocket includes room for multiple drinks, various foods, and much more. In addition, you can easily add a portable ice cooler to this pocket to keep your items even fresher. As a result, you and your child should always have something fresh and crisp to enjoy when you're on the road exploring.

Wipes Pocket

Baby wipes are a necessity for any active parent. Thankfully, the Deuce 3.0 includes a specialized quick-access wipes pocket that stores a standard package of baby wipes. The magnetic flap keeps this pocket sealed while you go, ensuring that your wipes don't fall out. Also, upgrade your package to get a dump pouch where you can store any soiled wipes you use on the go.

Electronics Pocket

The Deuce 3.0 includes a padded electronics pocket where you can store your phone, tablet, or other devices while on the go. This option beats storing them in your pants pocket, where they could easily fall out. In addition, the sealing top keeps your phone safe and protected from various elements. It also keeps your baby's curious hands from digging it out and accidentally racking up huge phone bills on you!

Changing Mat Storage Pouch

The Deuce 3.0 also includes a large rear pouch where you can store our high-quality Tactical Changing Mat. This lets you take your changing mat wherever you go, ensuring that you can change your baby comfortably and effectively. Note that you can remove the Tactical Changing Mat if you need more room to haul extra diapers, snacks, toys, or anything else your child might need.

General Use Pocket

Our general use pocket can be used to store anything else you need during your daily adventures. Pack toys, books, puzzles, and anything else that can entertain your child. You can also store extra diapers, wipes, or even non-chilled formula. This additional pocket is a great place to put anything that the other pockets on the bag cannot hold.

Drop Zone Tactical Changing Mat

Our trademarked “Drop Zone” Tactical Changing Mat gives on-the-go parents an effective place to change their baby comfortably. This mat is water-resistant and easy to clean, requiring just a little hand scrubbing to get great results. It also includes an interior pocket for extra diapers and more wipes. The top handle makes it easy to carry, unpack, and pack as well.

Detachable Shoulder Strap

The Deuce 3.0 includes a detachable shoulder strap that you can use whenever hauling this bag. The comfortable padding along the strap should minimize discomfort and make it easy to carry for hours. You can also remove the shoulder strap for cleaning or handling the bag. Note that the Deuce 3.0 also comes with a stroller strap set that makes attaching it to your favorite stroller much more manageable.

Strong Polyester and MOLLE Webbing Design

The Deuce 3.0 comes with tough 600D tactical polyester material that makes it water-resistant and keeps it safe from many damaging issues. In addition, the interior pockets include a 210D nylon lining that makes them soft and easy to clean. This excellent material combination works well for active parents by ensuring that their bags last for many years while keeping them easy to clean when necessary.

The included MOLLE webbing makes it easier to personalize your bag. Adjust your MOLLE webbing position to create more substantial and durable storage areas. This MOLLE webbing is also strong enough to withstand years of use and won't tear easily on you. It can even resist the most active and destructive toddler's best efforts to rip it to shreds while on one of your amazing adventures.

Compact and Reasonable Size for Easier Hauling

The Deuce 3.0 has a compact size that makes it easy to haul, combined with a surprisingly large interior size that will store just about anything you need for taking care of your baby. Its overall length is 11.25” by 16” by 8.25.” This size makes it easy and comfortable to haul without straining your shoulder or back. You can also easily store it anywhere, including in a closet or car trunk.

The 24.34 liters (1,485 cubic-inch) capacity should be more than enough to store many diapers, snacks, and much more. Don't forget the changing mat! Its specs include an 8” by 12” by 1.5” folded size and a 12” by 24” by 0.5” open size. This mat is made from durable materials that will withstand the harshest environments, ensuring that you feel comfortable changing your baby anywhere.


The Baby Carrier Combo Package Option

Upgrade to the Baby Carrier 2.0 package to get even more value from your Deuce 3.0! This upgrade includes our Baby Carrier 2.0 that lets your baby face in or out as you hike, travel, and explore the world together. In addition, it comes with a sunshade protection shield that will keep your baby from getting worn out or sunburned when you're outside. Other amenities include:

  • Premium buckles to hold your pouches shut
  • MOLLE-compatible design for extra strength
  • Water-resistant polyester to keep your baby dry
  • An IHDI certification with a hip-healthy design

This combo pack also comes with our dump pouch, where you can seal away soiled diapers safely. The adjustable drawcord helps to keep the smells from spreading and can unzip for easier washing after your trip is over. The included bottle pouch includes a thermal-padded design with an adjustable drawcord that keeps the bottle from falling out while you're on the go.

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