What Accessories Go with a Diaper Bag?

September 20, 2021 5 min read

If you've been a dad for longer than five minutes, you know babies come with a lot of stuff. All that "stuff" gets conveniently stowed in your tactical diaper bag.

But what exactly is that stuff? What all do you need when you're up to your elbows in #dadlife?

Fear not. We're here to tell you what accessories go with a diaper bag.

What are the Best Accessories for Your Diaper Bag?

Like most things, what works for you might not work for the guy next door. You may prefer a handy diaper changing pad while he just throws a blanket down and calls it good enough. (Both work, but one option is much more sanitary.)

Regardless of your approach to things, there are some diaper bag essentials -- things every dad needs when you're out and about with the kiddos.

Here's a look at some diaper bag accessories you shouldn't live without.

Diapers - This one should be a no-brainer. Babies pee and poop whenever, wherever. They don't care if you're standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. If it needs to happen, it will. Ergo, carry diapers with you at all times. You'll need more than you think you will. Have four or five on hand at all times.

Wipes - These go hand-in-hand with diapers. You really can't have one without the other. A good way to always have wipes at the ready is by adding a Tactical Baby Wipe Pouch to your diaper bag. Easy to reach, easy to access, easy to change a squirmy baby.

Changing pad - You can get by without a changing pad, but your world gets much simpler if you put one in your diaper bag. It serves as a barrier between baby's bum and whatever flat surface you find to clean up their business. A Tactical Changing Pad is a lightweight option that attaches to your diaper bag. With pockets for diapers and wipes and a water-repellant nylon surface, it's a must.

Disposal apparatus - Where do you put the dirty diaper after the deed is done? You can stuff a few plastic grocery sacks or zipper bags into your diaper bag, but that means you get to carry a smelly bag around all day. A Tactical Dump Pouch provides a convenient, discreet place to stash a dirty diaper until you can dispose of it properly. You can also store soiled clothes in the pouch until you get to a washing machine.

Butt cream - Don't forget to include diaper rash treatments like Desitin or A&D Ointment. Your baby's buns will thank you.

Hand sanitizer - It's a dirty world out there. Keep germs at bay with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Keep it within easy reach on the exterior of your diaper bag with a Germ Grenade.

Pacifiers - Not all kids use pacifiers, but if yours does, don't get caught out without a spare. There's a better than average chance the one in baby's mouth will end up on the ground. Having a backup (or two or three) is always a good idea. And to keep the pacifier with baby, bring along a pacifier holder. It's worth its weight in gold to ensure that the pacifier doesn’t end up falling on a nasty floor somewhere (which is inevitable without one).

Change of clothes - Babies spit up. They have blowouts. Bottles leak. Despite your best efforts, they just manage to get dirty and need their clothes changed quite often. Take a few extra sets of clothes in the diaper bag. Save room and stay organized with Tactical Packing Cubes. While you're at it, throw in an extra shirt for you. You'll be a prime target for baby and probably won't come away unscathed. Remember to roll the clothes for maximum efficiency.

Food for kiddos (and snacks for you) - This is where it can get tricky, especially if you have infants and toddlers in tow. You need formula or breast milk and/or baby food for the baby as well as finger-friendly snacks for older kids. And what the heck, a Clif bar to help you keep your energy up. An insulated cooler pouch makes it easy to bring a snack for everyone and keep items at the correct temperature. For maximum convenience, mix up the bottle before you leave the house and stick it in an insulated bottle pouch.

Burp cloths - Bottle feeding a baby requires burping, and that requires a burp cloth. Put at least two in your diaper bag and keep your RadDad t-shirt clean.

Assorted medical implements - Like the Boy Scouts say, it's always good to be prepared. Pack band-aids, a nasal aspirator, nail scissors, a digital thermometer, infant ibuprofen and dropper, and first-aid ointment. You never know when you might need these items, so it's best to have them with you. Keep it all organized and tidy in a Tactical Utility Pouch.

Lightweight blanket - It may seem unnecessary, but a lightweight receiving blanket has a lot of uses. They protect baby's eyes from the sun and keep her warm in a drafty restaurant. A blanket can also serve as a burp cloth in a pinch. It's better to have one than not.

Toys and loveys - Keep littles entertained while on dad duty with an assortment of brightly colored toys, teethers, and favorite plushies.

Sunscreen and bug spray - You never know where your travels might take you so be prepared for any adventure. Keep kiddos' skin safe from the sun and biting insects with a tube of baby-friendly sunscreen and a bottle of insect repellant.

A place for your stuff - Dads have stuff, too. Phones, car keys, wallets. Use a handy carabiner to attach keys to your diaper bag and keep your personal items collected in a zipper pouch to avoid digging through your diaper bag to find them.

Essentials for older kids

When your child outgrows the newborn/infant stage, you may want to ditch the diaper bag. But toddlers need just as much stuff. It just looks a little different.

If your kiddo is potty training, you'll want to include training pants instead of diapers. You'll also want several changes of underwear and bottoms. Try as they might, potty training is hard and there will be accidents. Trust us on this one.

Older kids don't need bottles, but they do need sippy cups, tubes of yogurt, and Goldfish. All the Goldfish. Well-designed diaper bag accessories will help you organize these supplies, so you can get your hands on what you need quickly.

Toddlers also like screens, and screens need chargers. Whatever you do, don't forget the charger.

Find the right diaper bag accessories for your family

Every family is different, so every dad's needs are different. Explore our diaper bag accessories to find the tools that work best for the way you live.

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