Breastfeeding: What Do You Need to Know?

January 13, 2017 1 min read

More than any other part of having a baby, new moms always have a million questions about breastfeeding. How long should I breast feed? Is it OK to supplement with formula? What do I do if the baby won’t feed? What local resources are available to me?

The benefits of breastfeeding are numerous, from better nutrition for your baby to a stronger immune system throughout your baby’s life. So it’s important that new mothers get the facts and get the support they need.

To help new mothers with their breastfeeding questions, Beav took your #AskTBG questions to Dr. Webb at SouthCoast Pediatrics in Richmond Hill. Check out the video to find out how long you should plan on breastfeeding, when it’s OK to work in formula and even get some advice on finding local lactation consultants and support.

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