Eating and Pooping: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask

January 25, 2017 1 min read

#AskTBG returns to the offices of Dr. Webb of SouthCoast Pediatrics Richmond Hill.

During the first few weeks of their baby’s life, new parents have a ton of questions. And since their newborn baby doesn’t do much else at this point, most of them revolve around eating and pooping.

What sort of feeding schedule should your baby be on for the first few weeks? How much weight should they lose? How much time should they spend breastfeeding? How often should a newborn baby poop?

As with all of your parenting questions, #AskTBG is here to help. We’ve returned once again to the offices of SouthCoat Pediatrics Richmond Hill to get the scoop on poop.  From concerns over when a baby should regain their birth weight to what color should their poop be, Dr. Webb shared his expertise on everything that should be going into – and coming out of – your baby.

Check out the video and hit us up with questions you want answered on the next #AskTBG.

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