Do Dads Need A Diaper Bag?

April 01, 2022 5 min read

You want to know if dads need a diaper bag? Yes. The answer is yes.

A lot of articles that pose that kind of question in their title might make you read all the way to the end before you get the answer, but not this one. For now, let’s skip all that, because this is important: dads need a diaper bag.

Why? Well, it’s simple, really. Because you’re a dad, for goodness sake!

And you’re not some distant, hands-off father who hands the baby over to mom when they need to be changed. You’re in the thick of it. You’re getting your hands dirty. Sometimes really dirty.

When that kid wakes up in the middle of the night, you’re there. When they have a meltdown at a movie theater, you’re there. When they need to be changed in the bathroom of the nearest Starbucks, you are there!

A strong case could be made that not only do dads need their own diaper bags, but they deserve them. Here’s why.

You Have a Baby

Allow us to lay down some logic for you. You have a baby. That baby needs diapers. Diapers go in a diaper bag. Ergo: we can conclude that you need a diaper bag.

All snark aside, the simple fact is that dads who plan to go anywhere with their baby need a diaper bag in which to keep all the stuff that their baby might need. And while you could share a diaper bag with your spouse, or just throw a couple extra diapers in your gym bag, there are more than a few reasons why neither of those is the greatest idea.

Always Be Prepared

You probably remember the motto ‘Be Prepared’ from your Boy Scout days. You might be a grown man now, but it’s still good advice. And as a dad, you learn that being prepared is more important than ever.

Bottom line: babies pee and poop whenever and wherever they darn well please. And you have to be ready for that. Diaper bags for men are designed to carry the full arsenal of all the baby supplies you might need, which by now you probably know means a lot more than just diapers.

What to pack in your diaper bag is a topic for another day, but you need to be ready for changing time, feeding time, burping time, and nap time. Oh, and snack time. Not for just the baby, but for you. Seriously, throw a few granola bars in your diaper bag; you’ll be glad you did.

Styled with Men in Mind

Look, it’s the 21st century. You’re a modern man. We’re not suggesting that your masculinity will be crushed by carrying around the lavender flower-print diaper bag your wife picked out. You can rock that thing if you have to, and we all know it.

But a diaper bag can be stylish too, and wouldn’t it be nice if it was your style? A lot of dads probably don’t even know that’s an option. But if you want a diaper bag with a tactical look, or one that doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all, it’s good to know that you can pick one out that suits your style.

Ultimate Functionality

Like we said before, you can toss a few diapers and a bottle of baby formula in any old backpack or duffel bag, and in a pinch, that’ll get you through the day. But a bag doesn’t become a diaper bag just because it happens to contain diapers.

Actual diaper bags for dads are designed to hold all the supplies you and your baby might need, and to keep it all organized. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations—duffels, sling packs, traditional backpacks—but they all have that in common. They’re tailor-made with dads in mind. All the best diaper bags for men are:

  • Comfortable to carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Well-made and durable
  • Designed to carry all the baby essentials.

And when we talk about design, some of the most important features to look for include stroller attachments, high-quality zippers and straps, ample storage space, and lots of pockets (seriously, lots and lots of pockets).

A lot of the top men’s diaper bags also include phone and charger pockets, baby wipe pockets, insulated compartments (for formula, breast milk, baby food, etc.) and a built-in diaper-changing pad. That last one is especially important because you never know when a diaper change will be required, and most men’s rooms—don’t even get us started on this—still don’t have proper baby changing stations.

Read Our Diaper Bag Buying Guide Here

Divide and Conquer

It’s worth noting that what works for mom might not work for dad, and vice versa. That’s true pretty much across the board, and that very much includes diaper bags. How you use your diaper bag and what you pack in it might be completely different from your significant other.

And that’s okay! To each their own, but it continues to drive home the point that dads should have their own diaper bags. That way, each parent will always have whatever they need handy, and there will be no disagreements or “who-forgot-to-pack-the-baby-wipes” conversations.

For that matter, it’s also a good idea for each parent to have their own set of supplies from a purely practical standpoint. If you decide to take your baby on an impromptu adventure on a day when mom and her diaper bag aren’t around, you’re not going to get very far without your own set of gear.

Plenty of parents also find themselves with more than one child at diaper age at the same time, and circumstances might force mom and dad to divide and conquer. On days when dad has one baby and mom has the other, it’s more than prudent that you each have your own diaper bag.

Find the Perfect Diaper Bag for Dad

Unfortunately, the vast majority of diaper bags on the market are designed for, and marketed to, women. There’s still an assumption in our society that moms are the ones handling most of the diaper duty, which is a shame.

And look, we’re not here to take away any of the well-earned credit that mom deserves for the absolutely monumental job that she does. Heck, she literally kept that kid alive inside her body for nine months, and that was just the beginning.

Us dads may not be able to do that, but we can change diapers, gosh darn it. That’s why dads need diaper bags.

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