The Stroller Wagon that Saved our Family Adventures

November 16, 2021 6 min read

With three girls ranging from newborn to 10 years old, we’re pulled in a lot of different directions at my house. Despite that, my wife and I have recently been placing more of an emphasis on getting out of the house with our girls, whether it’s on a family nature walk, father-daughter camping trip, or even an afternoon spent running errands with Mom. But while my youngest just wants to nap and the middle child is ready for a break, our eldest is still going strong. I knew the temptation would be to stay at home and hang out on the couch to avoid complications, so we needed something to make these outings easier for everyone. The custom TBG VEER Cruiser, simultaneously a baby stroller and kids wagon, has enabled us to not skip a beat with family outings and kept everyone happy along the way.

Back to Diapers Again

I really thought I was done with diapers for good, but then my youngest daughter, Hannah, surprised us! We couldn’t have been more thrilled, but I knew changes were coming. Sacrificing the home office to a much-needed nursery was just the start. Because of the age gap, we were almost starting completely over on baby clothes and accessories–with one notable exception. The Cruiser we had used for adventures with our older daughters was about to become a baby wagon. Using the Car Seat Adapter, we were able to transform the kids wagon into an all-terrain stroller and still have room for a diaper bag or even another occupant, like my middle child, Kendall, who still loves to sneak a ride whenever she can. This flexibility has enabled us to go on countless family outings, from the pool to the beach, and even longer walks around our community and local trails.

When Hannah starts to get fussy, the bassinet (creatively named the Nap System) has been a lifesaver. Custom made to the VEER Cruiser’s dimensions, the bassinet is held in place by magnets with bungee cords for additional security, and the mattress slides right into place. Once situated, it’s not going anywhere, even when the Cruiser is in motion. We can keep rolling along wherever we are, without disturbing our current adventure or Hannah’s daily routine. The Nap System even comes with an included bug shield which is especially useful during the summer in the Southeast, because as you may know, we grow mosquitos big down here.

Encouraging My Girls to Adventure

At its heart, the Cruiser is designed as a wagon for kids to explore the world. While I have found ours incredibly useful for taking Hannah around with us by way of the car seat adapter, where it really comes into its own is when she’s a bit older but still can’t keep up on long walks. I’ve done more than my share of carrying exhausted kids, taking rest breaks, and trying to head off complete meltdowns when my older girls just got too tired during a family outing. If you know, you know.

By the time Hannah is mobile, our oldest two may have aged out of wanting to ride in the Cruiser wagon, but we’ll still have years of usefulness left. Toddlers are naturally curious, which gets them into more than their fair share of trouble, but it’s also how they learn and grow. The TBG Veer Cruiser is designed to encourage this curiosity. With an open top, Hannah will be able to take part in family adventures, seeing everything around her from her seat while being securely held by a 3-point safety harness. Whether it’s running errands with Mom or a day trip to the beach, the Cruiser enables our family to enjoy the day together by removing the stress that comes from carrying everyone’s various gear and worrying about exhausted kids.

And this gets to what I’m really excited for. As I mentioned, we’re trying to get out more with the girls and help them experience new things. In particular, I’ve been working on setting up camping trips. (These are also a great break for Mom, who point blank refuses to participate in any vacation that doesn’t involve a decent hotel.) Whether I’m taking the Cruiser with us on hikes to give my girls a break when they need it, using it to haul all the gear we’ll need at the campsite, or some combination of those, it’s an invaluable companion. The fact that it also handles sand like an absolute champ (both loose and packed) is a terrific bonus given how close we live to the beach.

And speaking of the beach, during the hot summer months, the Cruiser Canopy is a must-have. The cover gives us exactly what we need to keep everyone riding in the wagon well shaded and cool. We can place one on either side of the wagon for maximum coverage or leave one side open and cover just the other one. Because it’s retractable, we can collapse it when we’re in a shaded area, rather than having to remove it completely. But even while covered with the canopy, a mesh side window allows my girls seated inside the wagon to see out and satisfy their curiosity.

Blown Away by the Design

My background is as a car mechanic working on customizing luxury vehicles, so I appreciate quality craftsmanship. The Cruiser has consistently exceeded my every expectation. The frame is made from machine-welded aluminum, which means it’s rock solid and built to last, but is still light enough to be easily handled. With oversized rear tires, the VEER rolls along any terrain without difficulty. From the concrete jungle to serious hiking, or even snow and sand, you’ll have smooth ride no matter where you are.

And on top of that, it is incredibly easy to handle. The Cruiser is designed so you can push it in front of you, pull it, or even push it alongside you. The handle adjusts easily to the angle needed depending on how you plan to use it and locks into place. And somehow, they’ve done all this while still making the VEER easy to store as well. Simply fold down the sides and collapse the handle to store it standing upright in a closet or your garage, or you can even remove the tires to store it flat on a shelf.

Amazing Array of Features

Tactical Baby Gear’s custom collaboration with VEER includes one-of-a-kind black camo sidewalls with MOLLE webbing and a panel for your favorite hook and loop patch. This webbing is compatible with any standard gear on the market, but we’ve specifically designed a matching horizontal wipes pouch which is perfect for diaper changes or cleaning up before and after snacks. 

Speaking of snacks, since my girls seem to be constantly hungry, it’s especially handy that the Cruiser comes with an included snack and drink tray for the kids. We haven’t forgotten about parents, though. There’s a cup holder conveniently situated just beneath the handle where it’s always in reach. Because where would we be as parents without caffeine.

Certifiably Safe

No discussion of the Cruiser would be complete without talking about its safety features. I’ve already mentioned the 3-point safety harness that helps keep my girls buckled in, but the safety measures go well beyond that. The Cruiser’s patented design eliminates finger pinches for both you and the passengers, and its build quality delivers exceptional stability, strength, and braking, even with heavy loads. It simply won’t tip over or slide down an incline unexpectedly. As a result the VEER Cruiser, certified as a stroller by JPMA, meets or exceeds the most exacting stroller safety standards around the globe and is ASTM compliant.

Build Your Cruiser

The Cruiser has so many amazing features, but the best part to me is its adaptability. From stroller to wagon and one child to a few more, the TBG VEER Cruiser will keep your family rolling along in style for years to come. Start building your cruiser below or head over to the collection to learn more.

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Functions as Wagon and Stroller • Rugged Aluminum Frame • All-terrain Tires • 3-Point Safety Harness • MOLLE Webbing • Children’s Snack Tray • Adult Cup holders

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