What Is A Stroller Wagon?

September 22, 2022 6 min read

Getting kids from one point to another is rarely as simple as just moving them. Kids get bored and tired, and they always have so much stuff: diaper bags, snacks, toys, books, and stray animals they've picked up along the path. While strollers are great for getting around with your children on a walk or a jog, sometimes you need a bit more capacity along with a more powerfully built stroller.

This is where stroller wagons come in; they're durable, big, and perfect for sports outings, family reunions, or day trips to the zoo. If you have to move one or more kids along with all the related stuff, there's no better solution than a stroller wagon.

But just what is a stroller wagon, you might be asking yourself? It's roomy, durable, and capable of handling complex terrain; it's the Jeep of the stroller world, if you will. Once you and your kids get a look at these spacious strollers, you'll never go back to the old days of the collapsible, one-seater your Aunt Debby bought for you in 1997, "In case you have kids someday, sweetie."

What is a stroller wagon?

Stroller wagons are four-wheeled strollers that are significantly larger than most other strollers. Like a wagon, they are rectangular and completely open, seating several kids quite comfortably. They're also designed with the best sensibilities of the all-terrain stroller in mind. This means they're capable of handling rough terrain, are easy to push (or pull), extremely durable, and have larger wheels that keep impact from messing with you or your kids.

They have durable canopies to keep the weather and sun out of your kiddos’ faces, and they pack a lot of storage room underneath for all the things a day out with the kids requires. They are also designed, like a wagon, to be pulled, which can help tremendously even on slight elevations like the grassy hill of a park. Plus, stroller wagons are the most fun for kids to enjoy with friends. It's like their version of picking up your buddies in a lifted truck.

What makes a stroller wagon better than other strollers?

Simply put, a stroller wagon isn't strictly better than other strollers. If you have a single child, and you don't ever cart a lot of stuff around and don’t ever leave the concrete walkways near your home, then it might not be worth the extra money you're investing with a stroller wagon, and the size might be above your requirements. Additionally, they're larger and more cumbersome than a jogger, traditional, or all-terrain stroller, so if you're going on a walk simply for exercise, a stroller wagon might not be ideal.

If you do have to move a lot of stuff around, or you've got multiple kids, and you're braving rough terrain, a stroller wagon will outperform other strollers. It's built to handle rough ground, but it's also great for moving around a state fair with all the cool bucket hats you bought.

People still wear bucket hats, right?

Additionally, a stroller wagon is still useful even after your kids are past stroller age. It's big enough to hold a cooler for tailgate parties, and most are strong enough to work as a seat for a tired adult if needed. The point is that if you have a need for more space and are looking for a durable stroller experience, then a stroller wagon is a better choice.

Can a baby sleep in a stroller wagon?

Most stroller wagons have an adaptable base that accommodates car seats for easy infant snoozing. Unfortunately, most stroller wagons do not have any type of built-in restraint for children to sleep in unless they're older. In fact, for older kids, stroller wagons are a great place to stretch out and catch a nap. Stroller wagons are also often called "baby wagons."

How old should a baby be before sitting in the seat of a stroller wagon?

Infants should not be put in a stroller wagon seat until they can hold their heads up on their own, usually around the six-month mark. Before that, you should be using a car seat for your excursions.

What is the weight limit of a stroller wagon?

For most stroller wagons, the weight limit is about 50lbs per seat, but they can usually handle more if there's only one passenger.

Why aren't stroller wagons allowed at Disney World?

For the most part, stroller wagons aren't allowed at any US theme parks. This is because the sheer volume of people at these parks is just too high and large strollers make foot traffic difficult. It's not just stroller wagons, either - strollers with multiple seats are often banned as well. Instead, they prefer multiple strollers for multiple children, as this setup is more maneuverable.

Should I buy a stroller wagon?

Buying a good-quality stroller is a solid investment if you have young kids. Sure, you can get a small, cheap stroller but the difference between those and quality strollers is enormous. Simply being able to cart more stuff around is a much bigger deal than you might think, and if you have more than one kid, a bigger stroller is essential.

Depending on how you're using the stroller, you might have better experiences with a jogger or an all-terrain stroller. Joggers are lighter and designed to be responsive for running. It can handle difficult terrain, but because of its inflated tires, it's best to use on even concrete or grass. Plus, joggers usually only seat one child; they're really built for exercise.

All-terrain strollers are great for off-road use, and they have more storage space. Again, however, they are designed usually for one kid.

A stroller wagon is perfect for your family if you have:

  • Multiple kids
  • An active lifestyle where you're carting around kids and lots of other stuff
  • Plan on having more kids within a time frame that would necessitate more stroller space
  • Go to a lot of functions where bringing kids and other items are essential, like sports events, zoos, or outings at parks or the beach
  • You want a highly durable stroller that is good even when your kids are older

One other big perk of the stroller wagon is the ability to pull it instead of pushing it. This is a huge relief on the back if you have lower back problems which can make pushing a stroller around quite painful.

Remember, too, that your stroller wagon can be used to cart around sports equipment, tailgating food and drinks, and fishing trip supplies when your kids outgrow it. It's honestly a great investment for any active family.

Finally, if you're concerned that a stroller wagon is too bulky and big to be useful, think again. Stroller wagons aren't too much heavier than other strollers, and they collapse flat for easy transportation and storage.

Stroller wagons are possibly the best kid investment you can make.

While the stroller wagon isn't as maneuverable and exercise-focused as a jogger, they're honestly better in just about every other way. If you have multiple kids, lots of stuff to move around, and plan on going on any terrain but concrete, a stroller wagon is your best friend. They're a great, durable, comfortable ride for your kids and their friends, and they can carry all the stuff you'd ever need.

Being able to push or pull a stroller wagon is a fantastic way to traverse difficult terrain or simply take the strain off your back. The canopy protects your little ones from the sun and weather, and the large flat surface is a great place for a single kid to nap away a long day at the beach or park.

Unfortunately, you can't bring them to theme parks, but they're great everywhere else, and in many cases, you can call ahead to get actual confirmation whether you can bring them or not - on a slow day, they might allow it.

And when the day comes that your little ones don't need the stroller as transportation anymore, you can still use it. If your kid is in baseball or soccer, a stroller wagon is great to carry all their stuff, snacks, and drinks to watch them play. You can even use them without the kids when attending a beach party or a tailgate event - simply fill them with your favorite adult beverages and snacks and you've got a party wagon ready to go.

If you ever think you'd need a stroller wagon, you'll probably find them extremely useful. We highly recommend this investment, as your children (and you) will love it for years to come.

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