Woah, We Started a PODCAST - TBG Podcast 001

April 06, 2019 1 min read

tbg podcast episode 001


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The first-ever Tactical Baby Gear podcasts kicks off with TBG’s head honchos Beav Brodie and Alex Kristoff talking about their own particular brand of parenting.

The topic at hand on the pilot podcast is the parental instruction manual, or lack thereof. Whether it’s Beav dealing with a possibly harmless but potentially dangerous threat to his daughter at school or Alex navigating the challenge of putting three kids under three to bed, these two have found out how much of parenting is just hoping you make the right call. Every parent out there can identify.

“(Parenting) is a crazy, ever-changing landscape, that there’s no instruction manual for,” says Beav. “It’s not like, ‘Oh my check engine light came on in my car, open to page 72 and see what that means.’”

So if you’re a new parent, a veteran of fatherhood or motherhood, a single parent or are expecting your first baby, check out the first episode of our new podcast, and stay tuned for more episodes.


Have a suggestion for a topic on the Tactical Baby Gear® podcast? Email us at media@tacticalbabygear.com

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