Juggling parenting and protection - TBG EP 002

April 08, 2019 1 min read

tbg podcast episode 002


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Coming into a Monday, the guys compare notes on surviving another weekend of the dad life. Alex’s kids are in the prime of their “testing” phase, so they spent the weekend launching themselves off the furniture at high speeds, while Beav’s oldest took an unauthorized and extremely fast trip down the road on a four-wheeler.

This leads us into this week’s topic, parenting and protection. How do you balance keeping your kids safe and letting them test the boundaries of their abilities and the world around them? “So many people forget that they’re the parent and they can say no,” Alex points out. There might not be any right or wrong answers; the best you can do is learn from your mistakes. And try to make as few as possible.

The guys also float the idea of re-naming the podcast “story time” after Beav takes us back to his illegal street racing days (well, kinda illegal. He did get a ticket). Check out the new episode and sound off with your thoughts on fatherhood and new names for the show.


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