The Warm Water Trick (Will it Work?) - TBG PODCAST EP 033

January 28, 2020 1 min read

tactical baby gear podcast episode 33


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Alex has a new trick he has been using to get his boys potty trained through out the night. It involves them being asleep and a pitcher of warm water… You probably have never heard this one before, but its a pretty good dad hack.

Beav is back from Vegas, and gives us his take on the new and old that was at SHOT this year. 3 years of being told the PSA MP5 is coming out “in a few months” and all of the same AR15 “new” parts tend to blend in, but when a few products actually stand out, like Polymer80’s new frames and some other custom pistol options, it’s actually pretty exciting.

But the main reason Beav takes the week to be in Vegas is to meet up with friends, industry partners and TBG customers that come up and stop him at the show. He always appreciates everyone that he runs into, so if you happen to see him out and about, be sure to say hey.

The next big event TBG will be at is the King of the Hammers off road race in Johnson Valley, CA Feb 3-9. We will be out there with Vaughn @TheManSpot and two other 4500 Class Jeeps built by Impulse Off Road. If you are at Hammer Town be sure to hit us up with a DM on Instagram (@tacticalbabygear) and stop by to see the new livery on the TBG race Jeeps.

All of this and a whole lot more on Episode 033 of the Tactical Baby Gear® Podcast

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