Why Don't Eggs Tell Jokes? - TBG PODCAST EP 034

February 11, 2020 2 min read

tactical baby gear episode 34


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This week, Alex has been left on his own with the 3 boys as his wife has been out of town. If you heard Ep. 033, you know Alex has been working on a new night time potty training trick. By night two, the struggle had fully set in during a 3am tantrum after one of the twins wet the bed, which woke up the other boy that triggered a melt down over a difference in pajamas.

Beav has been working on trying to change his mindset around involving the girls in more technical tasks like working on cars, doing dishes, helping around the house or even trying to get them to keep their shoes on. The amount of time it takes to teach your kids these tasks that would normally take 5 min to just “do” is a valuable lesson for the little ones, and hopefully translates into skill sets that they can build on and use in the real world. You just have to accept that you are going to spend a lot longer on something so that they can learn new things.

Speaking of mindset, the guys discuss instilling values into the kids that let them know its ok for them to not go along with whatever their friends are doing. “Monkey see, monkey do” doesn't apply to just friends, but also parents, because your kids will mimic you. Getting them to know its ok for them to think for them selves and not to worry about what everyone else is doing starts with you as the parent and example.

All of this and more in Episode 34 of the Tactical Baby Gear® Podcast.

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