The Weekly Dump | Movin’ and Shakin’ (Mostly Movin’) Ep. 003

March 30, 2017 1 min read

The hustle never stops, even when you’re boxing up all your stuff for the big move, as Beav finds out in episode three of The Weekly Dump, the web series we’ve finally come up with a name for.

In between the fun of moving and the victory of teaching his daughter how to run a Keurig, Beav is still working on lining up local businesses for the epic baby party he’s pulling together.

But there’s always time for burgers, so Beav heads to Charbar Co on Hilton Head Island to talk entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur with Nick Bergelt, CEO of HHI Hospitality.

Finally, it’s back to the shop to finish boxing up TBG Tactical Teddy dolls for Red, White and Baby. Check out the video and find out more about this awesome organization that TBG is proud to support.

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