The Weekly Dump | Tattoos and Baby Showers Ep. 002

March 27, 2017 1 min read

Weekly Dump: Tattoos and Baby Showers

Our regular behind-the-scenes web series returns for more insight into the world of Tactical Baby Gear.

Episode two finds Beav knee-deep in the hustle, working with his buddy Mike to plan an epic “man shower” before hopping online to field some customer questions.

When one commenter asks about handling her lazy 16-year-old, Beav lays down the wisdom on his own teenage laziness, and how it all finally clicked when he realized how to marry schoolbook knowledge with real-world passion.

Finally, we swing by Savannah’s Stranded Tattoo Studios where Beav gets a fresh tattoo in honor of his mom. True to his hustle, he’s working his TBG email on his phone while getting inked.

Check out everything that goes on behind the scenes in episode two.

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