The Weekly Dump | Ep. 017

June 03, 2017 1 min read

Every day of a Tour of Daddy is a fresh adventure, as Beav demonstrates when his youngest, Kendall, wakes up with a massive ear infection. No one ever promised you a rose garden, and some days rushing a kid off the doctor when they wake up with a pillow full of blood is just part of the job.

After that, it’s on to more TBG customer questions. The most common is how to handle the random and insane way that newborns approach sleep. To help out, Beav dispenses his wisdom from his years of experience in the trenches of fatherhood. Long story short, if that baby’s sleeping you should be, too.

Then it’s on to a meeting with Beav’s exceptionally handsome and funny cousin, Barry, who shares his unparalleled brilliance with the team on an upcoming video project. (If it isn’t obvious by now, Barry also writes these video teasers). Stay tuned for the results in an upcoming epic TBG ad.

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