The Weekly Dump | Nine Line Foundation’s Run Ep. 018

We’re starting off this week’s edition at home, with Beav holed up at Tactical Baby Gear HQ answering some questions from fellow entrepreneurs on building a business (bottom line – don’t put a cat in your logo if you’re not in the cat businesses. There’s actually more to it that, but that’s pretty crucial right there). After that, he’s sharing advice on taking a leadership role in your life. Do you feel like you’re not setting the best example for your kids? Beav might just have the answer for you.

After that, we’re packing up the TBG truck and heading down to Savannah’s Historic Grayson Stadium, for the Nine Line Foundation’s Run for the Wounded 5k and 10k. Setting up shop right on the third base line where the Savannah Bananas play, Beav joins a group of other local patriots helping raise funds to build a house for retired Marine Eric Morante. It’s all part of the foundation’s mission to improve the lives of our veterans, and Tactical Baby Gear is proud to join the cause.

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