The Weekly Dump | Quality vs. Quantity Ep. 020

June 20, 2017 1 min read

Between raising two girls and building Tactical Baby Gear, Beav knows a thing or two about trying to keep work life and family life balance. It can be a tightrope walk, so how does he do it? Check out this week’s Weekly Dump to hear some of his thoughts and advice there. Essentially, it all comes down to quality vs. quantity. As Beav points out, “It’s all about what you do when you’re with your kids rather than how much time you spend with them.”

Of course, in between work and family you have to have some play time. Beav stops by Shepherd Tactical to pick up his newest toy and say hi to a fan (what’s up, Chris!). Want to check out Beav’s new rifle? Hit up the video, then stick around for some solid advice as we help out a fan whose 19-day-old baby won’t stop crying and offer up a few pointers on teaching your baby sign language. 

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