The Weekly Dump | Operation Disney World Continues Ep. 019.2

June 15, 2017 1 min read

Beav and the family are spending another day at the park, taking in Animal Kingdom and sharing some tips and advice on the best ways to enjoy the park.

Worried about your kids getting lost at Walt Disney World? Beav has some good advice there, as well as some tips on what to bring (sunscreen, and lots of it) and a heads up on park access for the physically disabled as well as how to avoid some pain points (you’re taking trams everywhere – you’d better be able to break down a stroller and quick). He also has a few good points to make about getting around through the Magic Kingdom that might just help you out in real life as well.

Check out the post-credits to find out how a disaster was narrowly averted, and how the proper training might just make the difference, at Disney World and in the real world.

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