Diaper Bag FAQs

May 18, 2022 4 min read

If you think taking care of tiny humans is all sunshine and teddy bears, you've clearly never experienced a diaper blow-out on a crowded playground with no changing table in sight.

It's true. Any time you venture from the house, your offspring can — and will — deliver more than you are prepared to handle. That's why over preparation is key to a successful mission, whether it's to the pediatrician's office or a half-day hike in the woods.

You don't have to gear up like you're ready to storm the beaches of Normandy. But having the right equipment easily at hand will help you MacGyver your way out of just about any situation.

Trust us. A high-quality diaper bag with a place for all your baby stuff is one of the most useful investments you can make when you become a parent.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for a daddy diaper bag.

Can you use any bag as a diaper bag?

Technically, yes, but why would you want to? Sure, you could just throw all your baby gear into a brown paper bag and head out the door. But do you really think you can hold a squirmy infant, corral a curious toddler and not drop your bag full of stuff on the sidewalk?

Short answer: you can't. You need a diaper bag specifically designed to manage your kiddos' stuff.

What is different about a diaper bag?

Babies and kids need a lot of gear: diapers, wipes, changing mats, bottles, formula, clean clothes, bibs, blurb cloths, pacifiers, and so much more. That's what makes a functional, durable, and intentionally-designed diaper bag so important.

Diaper bags are different because they have specialized compartments for all those uniquely shaped baby items. It helps you organize the chaos that comes with taking care of babies. You won't find yourself fumbling around, searching for the wipes while your unhappy infant tries to launch himself off a changing table.

What is a daddy diaper bag?

That's an easy one. A daddy diaper bag has a place for everything a dad needs to take care of his kids and still look cool in the process. It's also constructed of high-quality materials so it will look like new when you drop your kiddo off for the first day of kindergarten. And, it's got enough space to hold your baby's items and some of your stuff, too.

Do dads need diaper bags?

Yes, dads need a diaper bag. Why wouldn't a dad need a diaper bag? You're taking care of your kids, right? They need stuff. You need stuff. Ergo, you need a diaper bag to carry all that stuff and make your life a little easier.


Can I use a normal backpack as a diaperbag?

You can fish the backpack you used in college out of the back of the closet, give it a good shake and load it up with diapers and formula. But it won't have the functionality you need for it to be organized. And when it comes to kids, organization is your friend. Because if your overly tired three-nager needs her lovey, you better produce it on the double unless you want to experience a seismic meltdown. A diaper bag backpack with a place for everything helps you avoid these potentially embarrassing situations.

Is a diaperbag necessary?

Lots of dads don't think they need a diaper bag until they find themselves stranded in a long line at the post office with a hangry toddler and no Goldfish to be had. You need a way to transport all the stuff that kids need to be healthy and happy. Remember the Scout motto, "Always be prepared." A diaper bag helps you do that.

What's the difference between men's and women's diaper bags?

Let's face it. Most men won't carry an over-the-shoulder style, pink-flowered diaper bag. Even if it's the most well-organized, well-crafted bag in the history of parenting, most guys will balk at the idea. They'll opt for the brown paper bag instead, and you know where that leads: sheer chaos.

Men's diaper bags are designed to be stylish, functional, and well-made. Specialized compartments, zippered pouches, slots, thermal-lined coolers, and more make diaper bags for men versatile – and masculine colors and patterns make a dad feel comfortable.

Can my wife and I share a diaper bag?

While you might be able to get by with only one diaper bag in the house, and while you can certainly pick something generic enough for both of you to carry, we have found that dads really do need their own bag. When you have more than one child you may have days where you “divide and conquer” and you want to be sure that your bag has all of the necessities for whichever kiddo you’ve got for the day instead of scrambling to put the toddler things into something separate as you’re trying to leave the house. (Or, heavens, if the other 2 have left already with the bag and the 3-year-old’s lovey is headed across town!) Plus moms and dads tend to have different ideas about which things are necessities. And, last but not least, having your own bag tends to reduce the squabbles about who forgot to fill up the wipes and grab 5 more diapers….it’s your bag, be sure to be responsible to keep it well stocked at all times.

How do you carry formula in a diaper bag?

Don't pack the entire canister of formula in your diaper bag. First, there's probably not enough room. Second, there are more efficient ways to feed your baby on the go. Buy a formula dispenser that lets you fill it with a pre-measured amount of powder. Fill a couple of bottles with the right amount of water, and slide them into your diaper bag's bottle compartment. Then, you just mix the pre-measured powder in the bottle and presto! Happy baby. Happy dad.

There's no doubt about it. Dads need diaper bags. We're acutely aware of that fact at Tactical Baby Gear. Check out our diaper bag options that offer ample storage space, quality construction, and a variety of dad-approved colors and styles.

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