Which Sippy Cup Should You Use?

February 02, 2017 1 min read


As with almost everything in the baby aisle, there is a huge variety of sippy cups out there. Do you go with the built-in straw? Should you get one with grips? Which sippy cups are the best for keeping spills contained? Which sippy cups are the easiest to clean? Which sippy cups are the most kid-proof when it comes to drops and mid-tantrum throws?

Even if you are loyal to one brand, there are a ton of variations out there. To help you pick, Beav is talking sippy cups on week’s #AskTBG. We’re putting three different models – the Gerber Graduates spout style, the Munchkin Mighty Grip and the Munchkin 360 Cup – to the ultimate of tactical functionality. Which sippy survived the “splash test”? Which one survived the “poke test”? Which one failed miserably and which one was certified tactical tough?


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