Last weekend I was packing up some gear for a weekend op with three kids, myself, and my wife. The kids, ranging from 3 to 7 years old, all needed specific things while we were out. And in typical kid fashion, of course each wanted their own "things.”

Tactical baby gear camo diaper bag backpack

To solve this problem I used several of our cooler pouches to load up items for each individual. Using different colors, I was able to quickly identify each pouch.

I was also sure to include a dump pouch and wipes pouch, because kids.

tactical baby gear diaper bag backpack with cooler pouch organization cubes

I've left you links below for each of the items if you're interested.

Let us know on Instagram how you're packing your gear.

Instagram - @tacticalbabygear

- Beav

 Daypack 3.0 
Cooler Pouch
Dump Pouch
Wipes Pouch


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